Principal's Message

Principal’s Report for 2023-2024 

We are excited to be starting our 2023-2024 school year! We were extremely fortunate in PEI last year to not have missed any days due to COVID 19. We were able to work with students in person and accomplished many of the goals we set with our students. We are excited to see continued growth of our students this year as well.  

As of August 30th, our enrollment is approximately 150 students. Over the past six years we have seen significant growth in student numbers! We will continue to have CHANCES in our building (daycare for 0–4-year-olds). We have 21 children in the program, bringing us to just over 170 children in the building. 

Our school offers many after school programs, and if there are volunteers who would like to help in any activity to help students, we would love to add to our list of options and volunteers at the school.  

I encourage parents/guardians to stay connected this year. Communication is very important in creating strong connections between home and school. Whether it is through phone calls, emails, following social media, or meeting in person, we all need to continue to reach out for the betterment of our students.  

I would also encourage parents/guardians to become more involved with Home and School. Our first meeting is Tuesday, September 19th at 7pm. Our Home and School committee do excellent work for our staff and students. Last year, Angie Taylor was recognized as the Extra Mile Award winner, and Carey Gillis as the Bus Driver of the Year through the support of our Home and School.  

Our staff are all looking forward to the school year. We all enjoy working with your child(ren) to support their personal development. I personally look forward to working with all of you this coming school year. 

Wishing everyone a successful 2023-2024 school year. 


John Munro